Pricing + Services


One-On-one consultations

$125 - Initial consultations, done in-person as Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre, over the phone or online. Each appointment is approximately 60 minutes long. Initial consultations include a lifestyle and dietary assessment, as well as guidance on potential programs that may most benefit you (if needed). You will walk away with new recipes targeted toward your goal, dietary guidance and lifestyle tips.

$85 - Follow-up appointments, also conducted in-person or over the phone. We will review your plan, make adjustments to ensure your plan fits you, and address any new issues.

$350 - 1-month program including an initial consultation, 3 follow-up appointments, consistent email support, and a detailed meal plan.

blog writing

Varied — I used to write for a living! If you’re looking for a guest writer for your website, online news channel, etc. send me a message! Prices range based on content, length of article, etc.


Varied — Looking to host a workshop focused on healthy eating, meal prepping or hormone health? Send me a message and let’s see how we can work together!